Autism A to Z is a nonprofit, all-volunteer organization located in Livermore, California. It was incorporated in March 2012, and is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization.

Our mission: to celebrate life on the spectrum by providing resources and services that expand opportunities, enrich lives, and support autistic individuals and their families. 

We view autism as a difference, not a deficit, and want to share our hope and strength with the many Tri-Valley families coping with this disorder. We are building a thriving autism community that promotes acceptance and tolerance, inclusion rather than exclusion, and connection rather than isolation. But mostly, we want autism families to have fun!

As parents and caretakers of autistic children ourselves, the founders of Autism A to Z understand how difficult it is to find autism resources and services in the San Francisco Bay Area. While strong autism support groups exist throughout California, few are located in the Bay Area. We want to change that. Will you join us?